Calypso Air Shuttle

Calypso Air Shuttle

Calypso Air Shuttle

by Monsieur K


Released October 30, 2020
℗/© Un je-ne-sais-quoi 2020
Limited Cassette Edition (50) + Streaming

Mixtape UJNSQ #5 performed by Monsieur K
Recorded and mastered by Willy/GeorgesRecords 
Design by Thackery Earwicket

A side

Count Owens & his Calypsonians - Melody d'Amour
King Selewa & his Calypsonians - Back to Me Home
Lord Flea & his Calypsonians - Medley Mister Give Me De Rent / Donkey Bray
Ronnie & his Ramblers - Mary Ann
King Selewa & his Calypsonians - Leon Morgan
Lord Kitchener - Medley True confusion Go Tell Granny
The Mighty Sparrow - Sparrow Dead / Carnaval
Count Owens & his Calypsonnians - The Weed
Ronnie & his Ramblers - Calypso Bamba
King Selewa & his Calyponians - Calypso invasion

B side

Lord Mouse & the Kalypso Katz - Medley Calypso Hipshake Jumble Jamboree Limbo song
Kobo Town - Kaiso Newcast
Anthony Joseph - Kezi (Patchwork remix)
Kobo Town - Medley Joe the paranoiac/ Waiting by the sea
Nat King Cole feat.Damian (jr Cong) Marley - Calypso Blue
Anthony Joseph feat. 3 canal - Bandit School
Drew Gonsalves - Abatina
Nat King Cole - Day in Day Out (Cut chemist remix)
Kobo Town - Tick Tock Goes the Clock
Lord Mouse & the Kaypso Katz


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